Another Perspective

Augmented Reality Pattern Wall     

(The wall is a Concept image)

In eXtended Reality, there are infinite perspectives. People can perceive graphics in their own choice of perspective, which makes the graphics in lack of control inside the space.

This project was an attempt to rather use this space as an opportunity to gain control, and make near- illegible type readable, specifically in this space. 

The letterforms I drew for this project were based on square grids, and did not have distinctive word shapes, which is crucial when reading them in texts.

Also, without the right spacing they became blobs.

(Before extrusion, without spacing)

For this project, I intentionally got rid of spacing to these square letterforms and repeated them, to turn them into near-illegible patterns.

(After extrusion)

However, by extruding each words differently (and each letter inside these words slightly different) in the Z-axis, the words start to gain legibility.

Please scan the following QR code, and test the AR filter yourself to extrude the letterforms and read the pattern