Drowning in Z Space

Narrative AR Graphics

Floating figure rendered by Herry Kim

Drowning in Z Space is a reflection of my grad practice, made after my End of the Year Reviews from Calarts. The contents speak of how I felt throughout the year - that I was never swimming but drowning in this new space.

The reading is focused on giving the reader the following sequence:
1. Printed Material
2. Initial AR effects
3. Interactable AR contents & motion.

Reading in Sequence

︎︎︎ View Screen record for AR effects and interactive contents ︎︎︎

while acknowledging the fact that this space might be where the users should have authority and control through handing over an interactable interface, I’m desperately continuing to try and create any method to control the reading through the order of sequence.

Please scan the following QR code, and point to each poster for AR effects
It will lead you to an Instagram filter to work like above screen records: