LittleBigPic on Vinyl Records

Virtual Presentation

Little Big Picture on Vinyl Records is a visual research conducted and built in a game space for visual presentation.

While looking into Vinyl Records I found a connection between them and gentrification areas (MANY LP bars located in gentrified areas), and the cause of such gentrification by 'hipster culture' seeking for authenticity (where vinyl records'  value fall highly authentic to them)

This seemed to have made things come back to style, since the hipsters were usually seeking for authentic places - which started as a small cheap area with artistic activity, soon to be gentrified - because of retro gaining authentic value. 

As I looked up hipster culture and authenticity, I was able to find arguments being made over the originality of ideas. It seemed like to some people the wheel had a certain direction rather than spinning around.

This made me think - since both arguments cannot be verified, maybe it is a matter of perspective, over which side you choose to see in a spiral.This opened a more meta - agenda for me, thinking maybe we don't need to make new diagrams models every time we suggest something new. it might be just changing the way we think - which can be different dimensions, different perspective, that gets us out of the box.

snap 1: cycle of trends, diving in

snap 2: thinking in different dimensions, from wheel to a spiral

snap 3: to think deeper